Ten Things You Can Do after #Charlottesville Even if Your Leaders are Silent

Over the weekend, #Charlottesville happened. The fact is, we must call evil by its name, we must acknowledge that White Supremacy and racism is corrosive and we must each use our voice. Why expect leaders to speak? Because #belonging demands visibility. Visibility involves acknowledging when something impacts one of your own. As a result, many called on pastors to not show up on Sunday with the pre-pared sermon they already had. Many watched carefully to see if their organizations would address what had happened.

Did your leaders address #Charlottesville on Monday at work? Did your pastors speak out against racism on Sunday? If not, here is what you can do.

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    Saying "no" so you can say your "best yes"

    You will receive a lot of advice.
    You will receive a lot of information.
    You will have many great ideas and dreams.
    People who love you will tell you what you should do and how you should do it.

    And you must determine your "best yes" if you will do your best work. 

    In finding your best yes, you will turn away some good advice, you will take some paths others won't understand, you will pick some dreams over others at a given point. 

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    Aunt Jemima, Jezebel, and the Pine-Sol Lady: Mothering Against the Perceived Grownness of Black Girls

    When my oldest daughter was a mere 18 months old, I shared some pictures from our family vacation. Someone commented that she looked like she had an “attitude.” She was 18 months old. She was having fun in the sprinklers and was posing.

    It never occurred to me that if I as a Black woman (symbolically) was portrayed as the maid and revealed a hidden figure, hyper-sexualized, portrayed as the sassy Black woman that my Black daughter would be exempt.

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